Industry Firsts

Technology background

Over the years VP Communications has worked for some of the most innovative IT companies at the cutting edge of technological developments, from the introduction of the information superhighway to the explosion of social media communities and the plethora of mobile applications. To illustrate a slice of our journey we have selected the following examples of the ‘industry ‘Firsts’.

Developed the first compelling fourth payment option for energy suppliers – managed credit solution with Open Banking technology

Inventor and manufacturer of Viracoat, the first PPE mask to start killing the COVID virus on contact.

This Antiviral and antimicrobial mask begin killing SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses and pathogens on contact, Its also Validated by Lancaster University and to be produced to international standards in the UK.

As the first pure software as a service (SaaS) solution in the business performance management (BPM) space,

The early pioneer of the VoIP industry – extended their presence in the Enterprise Mobility VoIP market with the debut of their MobilityPLUS productivity suite

The first desktop virtualisation solution and inventor of PC Blade computing.

Introduced the cool blue ‘Qube’, the first Microserver – affordable Internet and Intranet servers for non-technical users. The Qube is now part of the Conran Foundation Collection.

 Innovator, designers and manufacturer of the first portable printers for enterprise-wide applications focusing on mobile information and remote transactions.

Introduced the world’s first multi functional smart card loyalty scheme for the high street called ‘EasyChip’ They also developed the WH Smith Clubcard, the first on-line loyalty card for a high-street retailer.

 The first software platform designed for managing and controlling company images, corporate identity and brand management.

Pioneer and creator of the world’s first and most widely used remote connectivity and support services.

Business productivity software – The first company to combine a visual productivity application (mind mapping) with a comprehensive collaboration platform allowing people to work individually or collaborate in real-time.

Inventors of a new interactive music technology providing a breakthrough in interactive digital audio file platform allowing artists and music fans an enriched and dynamic music experience.

First company to create commercially successful document imaging systems for businesses and released the first commercial Business Process Management (BPM) software, called WorkFlo.

First credible open-source alternative to Microsoft exchange.

Launched HyperSpace a new award-winning operating environment for mobile users bringing in an era of instant-on, always-connected computing ensuring a positive user experience with the then new lines of netbooks.

One of the first commercial internet service providers, The company flourished in the dotcom era and unfortunately also felt the effects of the bubble burst.