Additional Services

additional services

VP has worked with also some inspirational clients Influecer programmes, social media,analyst campaigns, customer reference programmers, industry programmes, speaker programe.

Influencer Programmes

The Identification and influence of the highest-value audiences that can potentially impact a brand’s reputation. The Influencer Programme is a dedicated campaign developed to manage and enhance a brand’s priority relationships including analysts, academic bodies, associations, journalists, consultants, partners and management peers.


Social Media

VP takes a reputation and content-based approach to online activity.VP takes a reputation and content-based approach to online activity.VP takes a reputation and content-based approach to online activity.VP takes a reputation and content-based approach to online activity.
Business to Business PR
Business to Business PR

Analyst Campaigns

Analysts influence businesses by defining market categories, creating critical marketing channels, assisting in product positioning and helping users make purchasing decisions. VP Communications’ Analyst Relations Practice helps companies forge effective working relationships with analyst firms and produce positive business results. Staffed by seasoned analyst relations veterans the team works closely with clients to integrate strategic analyst relations into a company’s overall communications plan.

Customer Reference Programmes

The Customer Reference Programme – a powerful communication tool that has given our client’s the competitive advantage. In use today by blue-chip clients VP Communications has a developed methodology and process to deliver a high-impact Case Reference Programme. VP’s dedicated team of account handlers, in-house writers and journalists is experienced in the management and execution of global case reference programmes. Our team possesses a breadth of knowledge across markets, technologies and clients and ultimately understands the issues that excite an audience – delivering impactful content.
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Industry Programe

The Industry Programmes initiative has been developed to aid our clients realise their full communications potential in industries of strategic importance. A bespoke campaign, the Industry Programme comprises influencer components – dictated by client priorities – that will ensure the successful penetration and desired influence in an industry.

Speaker Programme

Identifying the platforms to deliver your message is the role of the Speaker Programme. The VP team appraises, recommends and secures your speaking opportunity. We’ll train your execs, test your messages and positioning – priming your brand for success on the world stage.
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